Monday, February 7, 2011

Snake wine and dishes- Hue, Vietnam

On the trip to Vietnam last summer, my cousin traveled to the countryside of Hue, Vietnam to taste the fresh snake swine. I felt like posting them even it doesn't look anything close to tasty to me, but these picture are pretty interesting/scary/appealing/crazy and definitely fun to have a peek lolz.
It takes two men to prepare the Cobra.

                                       Carefully took about the venom
                                                Poor thing >.<
                                                  Pour the blood into the rice wine
                                              Censor* (scary Cobra's head )
                                          The still-beating heart inside the rice wine.
And you wondered what they do with the rest of the poor Cobra? (These pictures are from a friend of mine since she ordered the rest of the menu. She wouldn't waste time to come there only for the wine.)
 Deep fried Cobra's bone *This one doesn't look bad at all lolz. Look like something I would try *
                                                   Cobra's porridge
 Cobra's meat *She said it tastes like chicken and it does look a lot like chicken*. I have the similar recipe for this but with chicken instead. The taste of onion, lemon, and Vietnamese coriander compliments the flavor of boiled chicken very well. I'll definitely post the recipe for that.
                                                   Cobra's innards
                                  Stir fried Cobra's skin with lemon grass

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